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Hi my name's Paul, I'm studying A levels in a school in Kent and am aspiring to go to The University of Nottingham to study Plant Bioscience. Enjoy my blogs, they will mainly be about Biology. Contact me at rubiscoactivase@gmail.com

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Yesterday I went for a visit day to Nottingham University, the Sutton Bonington campus. This is the bioscience campus for the university and specialises greatly in all things to do with food, crops and plants. 

It was really interesting seeing the labs and all the amazing work being done at this university. I was just wondering what you guys think about the ethics related with modifying plants. The proffesor giving the tour said that it was a lot easier to genetically modify plants because there are no ethics involved. For example if I made a strawberry plant produce a tomato, would that be unethical? The animal equivalent would be making a human ear grow on the back of a mouse, something which has been done and caused lots of outrage. 

Is it unethical to mess around with the DNA of plants? Is it more ethical than messing with mammal DNA?
What's your thoughts? 


  1. Cobble ethics. Only then the world can grow.

  2. agreed with stormtrooper..also interesting blog, following

  3. Woah, hard one. Not agreeing on such a process would be a hypocrysion from everyone who eats meat - don't we do the same thing on farms? Make the animals get born only to die for our needs?