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Monday, 19 March 2012

A little word on Insulin

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, it causes cells in the liver, muscles and fat tissues to take up glucose from the blood and store it as glycogen.

People with diabetes have problems with insulin
Type 1- Absolute insulin deficiency
Type 2- Insulin resistance

This means that they need to gain insulin from a different source in order to lower blood sugar levels.

The insulin now days is produced by bacteria (normally yeast) which have had a human gene inserted into them, which expresses the protein insulin.

Insulin can also be produced from pigs and cattle, it is extracted from their pancreas.

Which one is more ethical? Changing the genetic makeup of a bacteria to produce the insulin protein, or extracting the protein from the pancreas of pigs and cattle?

Either way insulin has to be produced, otherwise people with diabetes are in real trouble!


  1. Interesting topic. I have a diabetic friend, so I will reccomend him to read this post.

  2. Diabetes is a disease which I'm really scared of, just after the cancer.