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Thursday, 5 April 2012

More Religion

I spoke earlier about Christian views on Genetic modification and even threw in a quote from the Pope! Now it's time to look at another huge religion. Islam.

I read a short article by a Caliph on his views on the subject. (A Caliph being "The chief Muslim civil and religious ruler, regarded as the successor of Muhammad") 

He breaks it down into two possible ways of looking at the topic.

"since we were created by Allah who is perfect then He would have created us according to His Plan and we should not be so arrogant as to attempt to improve on His work"

"Allah would not have given us the ability to develop a technology that would allow us to improve the human race if He did not intend us to use that technology"

The author of the article says the position of Islam has not been made clear and says "the most reasonable thing to do is be VERY careful that we do not do something disastrously stupid with this very powerful technology that could cause the human race a harm so serious that it could not be rectified"

Here is a link to the article quoted in this post :: http://caliph.wordpress.com/2006/02/08/genetic-engineering-and-islam-2/

Are any of my followers Muslims? What's your opinion on these quotes if you are? If not, do these arguments sway you more for, or against genetic modification?  


  1. The reality is this, I believe. Genetic modifications are coming. It does not matter what any of the religions think. Technological progress will not be stopped. We just have to embrace it the best way we can.

  2. I still believe religion was made many many years ago just to mess in people heads ;)

    1. It was created by truly believers then was mixed up by mean people who see in religion as a way to get respect or money

    2. I agree with Carlo, religions are something really complex and aren't created just by a group of manipulative people. This doesn't mean some people didn't take advantage of its existence during history though.

    3. Science is going to take us to some incredible places, that we can't even fathom right now.

    4. Faith was created because people needed to explain who is above them, and who rules the world. Today many things are scientifically proven, so the religion is not needed for all.

  3. I personally believe if you believe in god your fine if you read the twisted texts that people have manipulated for hundreds of years then your basically following the man. well thought Id throw that in, sorry man not a muslim lol

  4. Not a muslim here...believe in god, but science does interest me!

  5. not a muslim here but live in Indonesia which is the biggest muslim country in the world. and i have to say that some of the things in which they believe are pure madness, but i also have to say that my opinion on islam is much better after learning something about their religion. and i am still atheist