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Sunday, 8 April 2012


It's spring, at last! Which in the UK means a gorgeous blossoming of the Bluebell. I've always loved these flowers, they fill the somewhat dull forest floor with a sea of blue; there's something quite magical about them. However here in the UK there is a foreign invader, the Spanish Bluebell. This is threatening the native species by out competing and breeding it.

But what does this have to do with genetic modification? Well, cross breeding and out competing are two major arguments against Genetic Modification. If a new species of wheat, for example, is created via genetic modification, it may spread and threaten other strains of wheat, maybe even pressing some strains to extinction.

Just a thought, it gives me an excuse to post a picture of a glorious Bluebell forest at least!


  1. At my place it's snowing ;_;

  2. really good pic.
    here it's autumn and we won't be seeing anything like that for some months... :(

  3. bluebells are nice. What you said about genetic engineered plants spreading is true though. But maybe genetic engineered bugs that where made just to eat those plants would help out?

  4. That looks pretty! Bluebells..hmmm

  5. ahh the memories of kicking these in summer haha