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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Restrictions of GM Plants

One of the main problems with genetically modified plants is their potential to affect biodiversity in an area. Examples of ways in which they do this are out competing other species for food/resources, as well as potentially breeding with species threatening gene pools.

One way in which this could be combated is by presenting a reproductive barrier. Do you think this would solve the problem or make these plants ineffective? One of the main reasons we produce GM plants, particularly crops, is to make them more cost effective, to improve yields. Would preventing the breeding of genetically modified crops be a good solution to this? What's your opinions?



  1. A lot more people would be starving if we took away GM plants, but i do know that everything i grow and sell isn't GM and its a lot harder to grow, but selling it is pretty easy since people like organic stuff and i can make quite a bit of money off it.

  2. It's only solution. It allows parallel produce GM and "normal" plants.

  3. A reproductive barrier like in Jurassic Park? That worked well! :p